Do You Need to Break Your Lease?

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Life happens unexpectedly. If you've signed a 12-month lease that you suddenly need to break, consult a landlord-tenant law attorney. Don Weiner Attorney at Law will walk you through the entire process, representing you and advocating for your rights. During your meeting, you'll go through your lease and all the signed agreements related to your rental property. From there, attorney Weiner will help you build a strong argument.

Our firm represents both landlords and tenants with their cases. Make an appointment with Don Weiner Attorney at Law today.

Landlord tenant law attorney Manhattan KS

When can you evict a tenant?

Being a landlord comes with various responsibilities and challenges. Once your tenants sign a lease, you have to have a valid and lawful reason to evict them. Many tenants face eviction if they:

  • Miss rent payments
  • Violate their lease agreement
  • Damage the property
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